Driving While Intoxicated DWI & DUI

A DWI conviction has serious consequences including jail time, probation, fines, a driver’s license suspension, and possibly an Interlock alcohol monitoring device.

Just because you have been charged with DWI, doesn’t mean you are guilty. There are several factors that can be reviewed to determine the merit of your drunk driving case.

As a former Midland County Assistant  District Attorneys, John and Andrew know first-hand how prosecutors approach DWI cases.  Let that knowledge work for you.  They will aggressively fight your DWI case.

Administrative License Revocation Hearing

When you were arrested for a DWI in Texas, your license can be suspended if you do not submit to a breath or blood test or your breath or blood test is .08 or higher. At the time you are charged with DWI in Texas, the officer is required to take your license and give you a Notice of Suspension, which acts as a 40-day temporary permit. 

You only have 15 days from the date of the Notice of Suspension to request an ALR hearing!  If you do not request this hearing, the license suspension goes into effect on the 40th day after the date of the Notice.

We know that driving is vital for maintaining your employment. We will work hard to keep your license from being suspended.

Texas Occupational Driver's License

If your license does end up getting suspended, we can try to arrange for you to continue to drive. An occupational license is a restricted license issued to those who have had their regular license suspended or revoked for certain offenses such as a DWI. 

With an occupational license you are able to operate non-commercial motor vehicles to drive to work, to school-related activities, and will allow you to drive in order to perform essential household duties.  

We can request a Texas Occupational Driver’s License on your behalf and get you back on the road.